geek tattoos

so i have a few tattoos. puzzle pieces on my wrists that say “we go together” [on right] “just like puzzle pieces” [on left]. and the rebel-alliance symbol on my upper middle back. and i’ll admit i have plans for other pretty nerdy/geeky tattoos whose plans are not public yet.

today i got thinking about what kind of other geek tattoos do people get which led me to find this site.

and lemme tell you, there are some bad, some good, some AWESOME, but most are all geeky. here are some of my favourites: CMYK, atari + pacman, heart emoticon [ ❤ ], his name in braile, PHP tags NPN Transistor schematic symbol, and the apple logo with power symbol inside of it.

Song playing in iTunes while i made this post: In Concert by The Faint.

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