spirited away updated

i recently blogged here about a clever little app for mac os x called SpiritedAway. well, it’s been updated to version 0.3. it added a few features that are pretty handy. the ability to exclude certain apps being hidden. it also changes the icon in the menu bar if its active or inactive. he changed the icon from the cute full colour green ghostie to a black monochromatic ghost with big eyes open when active, little beady eyes when inactive.

i can’t sing enough praises for this app. a really great example of keeping it simple. designing for one thing and doing that thing really well. i’m glad the trend has moved back away from the monolithic-do-everything-reallypoorly-including-crap-i-will-never-EVER-use-suite back toward the-small-stayfocused-on-one-taskbut-still-play-nice-with-others series of apps.

the developer’s blog is in a language i don’t know. so i can’t really tell what is being said about it there, but you can download it from the apple mac os x downloads site.

icon.jpgSpirited_Away_16.pngprefs.jpgSpirited Away 0.3 Menu

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