revenge of the sith

rebel alliance symbol

with the opening of the incredibles, the world has had access to the trailer to the new star wars movie: episode three – return of the sith. oh god, it’s hottness.

you can watch the trailer here.

here’s my thoughts / predictions:

  • notice the wookies, we see a lot of wookies in this one, maybe even a young chewie.
  • we definitely explore more kashyyyk, the wookie homeworld, pretty extensively.
  • we might get cameos of very young versions of han solo, lando, boba fett. but keep in mind episode three is about 20 years before episode four. so if we do see them, they would be very young. maybe even just kids.
  • obviously, we will anakin as vader, finally.
  • the lava pit: there’s been a rumour for a long time ( cirac ep1) that the final showdown between obi wan and anakin leads to anakin in a lava pit. somehow he’s pulled out by the emperor’s mininions and is transformed into vader. more machine than man.
  • those droid walkers approaching the lava might be how he’s pulled out.
  • the vader voice still sounds like james earl jones who did the voice in the original trilogy.
  • emperor palpatine is finally revealed to the jedi as darth sidious.
  • anakin kills dooku. thus, finally fully embracing the dark side of the force.
  • mace windu has a serious fight scene. …with anakin? maybe dooku. but my money’s anakin.
  • we see yoda fuck shit up again.
  • the imagery continues along the path to looking like the stuff from first trilogy. for example, clone troopers look more and more like storm troopers. fighter ships start to look more and more like tie fighters and tie interceptors. even some early versions of the x-wing. and maybe the less popular a-wing, b-wing, e-wing, and y-wing.
  • in the big battle between obi wan and anakin, before obi wan ultimately ‘defeats’ anakin into the lava, he cuts his hand off. a la, vader versus luke.
  • we catch a glimpse of the millennium falcon. well, not actually the falcon. but the same kind of ship: a mere corellian freighter.
  • sidious / palpatine actually does some lightsaber fighting himself. instead of just mind control and lightning fingers. seriously, ANYONE can shoot lightning from their fingers.
  • big space battle right at the heart of the galaxy around the city planet of coruscant.
  • we’ll see the birth of the anakin / padme kids. twins luke and leia.
  • the subsequent hiding of those two kids with their respective surrogate parents. luke with owen and beru lars. leia with bail organaa who is a senator, first chariman and viceroy of alderaan and eventually a founder of the the Alliance to Restore the Republic (rebel alliance) with mon motha.
  • obi wan goes into hiding on the planet of tatooine relatively near owen and beru.
  • some new vilians.
  • the most exciting thing i think that can happen is another young boba fett appearance. under the tutelage of dooku. at the end of this boba fett book : The Fight to Survive after jango fett was killed by mace windu at the battle of geonosis boba follows his late dad’s*
    * – instructions on what to do and who to see in the event of jango’s death. eventually he meets up with count dooku who takes him in to look after him and have him trained further as a bounty hunter like his predecessor, jango.

here’s something really interesting, though. the trailer for the episode III video game. this, of course, is not exactly what will happen in the movie, but it can give us some more clues to possible happenings.

por ejemplo:

  • anakin will kill mace windu.
  • anakin and dooku have it out right in front of palpatine, a al vader and luke in episode six.
  • anakin kills multiple jedi
  • anakin and obi wan have their climax battle on a platform above the lava.

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    although, if you think about it jango is not really boba’s dad. more of his surrogate daddy, as boba is an unaltered clone of jango. thus, boba’s biological father is jango’s dad (whom we meet very, very briefly during a jango fett comic called open seasons). so to recap, boba fett’s dad is actually is grandad. take that!

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