a liberation frequency podcast

UPDATE: this podcast never really went anywhere. and has since been taken down. sorry.

liberation frequency

my first podcast.

the show is called a liberation frequency.

in this podcast:

  • post presidential radical politics in america
  • where do we stand?
  • what are we up against?
  • where do we go from here?
  • ‘fighting for our lives’ serial
  • runtime: ~17min
  • this is my first one. i’m pretty about happy the format, generally. i’d like to cut the length down to maybe 7 or 8 minutes. i imagine i’ll also get more comfortable talking into a mic and being recorded. the sound quality on my spoken parts is a little hissy. it can get better. i’ve been working on this for a few days trying to make it real perfect. you know, first impressions and all. but rather than perfect forever and still not be perfect, i was reminded of the extreme programming development cycle of ‘release early, release often.’

    so i released early. i will try to release often. hopefully, in doing so this gets better and better.

    liberation frequency

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