global war map

STRATEGIC ARMCHAIR COMMAND has a nice “global war map” in .swf (flash movie) form. it’s not animated or interactive. just countries color coded by the level of war they are at. red being the highest. red also being the color of the u.s. (minus alaska and hawaii which are a mere orange), iraq, iran, afghanistan, pakistan, saudi arabia, israel (and palenstine, even though it isn’t listed as its own nation — i guess, this is based on NATO or UN recognitions of statehood) and north korea.

global War Map

orange countries:

  • alaska / hawaii (u.s.)
  • russia
  • south korea
  • india
  • bhutan
  • hainan
  • brunel
  • malaysia
  • singapore
  • indonesia
  • australia
  • vanuatu
  • swaziland
  • lesotho
  • guinea
  • uganda
  • algeria
  • libya
  • egypt
  • sudan
  • eritrea
  • somalia
  • syria
  • jordan
  • oman
  • yemen
  • italy
  • france
  • switzerland
  • u.k.

dark blue (smallest possible):

  • greenland (denmark)
  • falkland islands — off the south eastern tip of south america (u.k.)

these truly are sensational time we live in.

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