it starts with eyes closed to fingers crossed. to i swear. i say.

i like to say that veganism is my health insurance. b/c aside from a 2 month window in 2001, i haven’t had health insurance since high school. and even when i was younger it was spotty, b/c we didn’t exactly have a lot of money. my mom can testify to this (this was the thing that convinced her that me being vegan wasn’t so crazy): i don’t really get sick any more since becoming vegan. it’s (!) not like its a perfect track record, but it’s not like before where i’d get sick for days to weeks at a time. i remember carrying cough drops and syrup with me everyday to school all of junior high and early high school. i would get a chest cold late fall and have it til baseball season. every year.

then i went vegan (august 9, 1995 … the same day Netscape launched IPO). i didn’t get sick that fall/winter. and then again the next. that’s when my mom noticed. ‘wait a second, shane, you didn’t get this year or last.’ that’s when she when she decided it wasn’t crazy.

like every rule there are exceptions. i do get a little under the weather sometimes. and even a little sick occasionally. like maybe once a year. only every few years top do i actually puke.

that was last night. i was walking from the kitchen to the living room when all the sudden i said (in a whimper of voice) ‘i don’t feel so good.’ then all the sudden i was on fire with a fever. so i curled up in a sleeping bag. freezing and shaking while everyone was in just tee shirts. i was too cold slash woozy slash cold again to even read from the giant stack of comics i had right next to me. then… uh oh. i think i need to get up from the couch. i start walking to the bath while telling my body not to throw up yet. i look at nate and say ‘not gooood.’ make it into the bath, see the first piece of porcelain and then there’s no holding back. all the lettuce from p.f. chang’s i had earlier during the o.c. came right back up. i know, i know, i really should’ve aimed for the toilet, but my body saw a giant open chasm or porcelain. there was no stopping it. if i would’ve tried for the toilet, i would’ve gotten all of the carpet / rug and the toilet seat lid and stuff. it was for the best, i think.

then after that, like immediately after, i was world’s better. still had my fever which i slept / sweated off. but by the time i woke up this morning i was all fixed.

so the moral of the story (even though i don’t believe in morality) is veganism keeps me healthy.

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