Zero Hour was a lame DC Comics Crisis event

does anyone remember that turd? basically Zero Hour was supposed to fix all the crazy continuity that poor editing / managing / writing for decades had created. all kinds of alternate futures, pasts, presents. ugh.

Wikipedia had this to say:

It promised to do for the inconsistent future timelines of the DC Universe what Crisis had done for its parallel worlds: unify them into a new one.

well, good luck with that.

but this isn’t about that. this is about a different kind of zero hour. about a month and a half ago, i wrote about my new email policy which i called an email zero hour. basically, restarting the clock on my inbox.

i completely caught up. and i’ve vowed to keep up by acting on all new mail within 3 days. also i no longer store everything on my machine. i’ve been popping mail down from my gmail account, while leaving an archive of it on the google servers. so i was just eating up tons and tons of hard disk by keeping mail that i never really ever went back to and that i already had a copy of somewhere else. pretty silly, right?

i reply faster now. i delete locally now. i’ve started clearing out the archives, too. its just boat loads of crap in there that i have no idea why i think i’d ever need it.

all along while doing that i had planned on doing a weblog zero hour, too. there are always these little things that i wanna blog about that i see on the webba or that we do or that i hear someone say, but i don’t feel right blogging those little things when i have all these bigger more important things that i’ve been planning on writing about forever. FOR. EV. ER.

so this is the start of the Weblog Zero Hour. here’s a teaser of the shape of posts to come.

  • copy what you like
  • the answer to the hint
  • everything burns bright when its new
  • 1000 number paintings and the million dollar website
  • elegant universe
  • gmail help straight dissing me
  • ev, i♥4
  • social networks of the future? look no further than…
  • salt lake city planetarium
  • ev-sb date recaps
  • seattle mariners baseball game against the giants
  • $20 parking
  • i guarengodamnfuckentee it
  • tags, categories, wordpress and technorati
  • re: vk. i’m a big dumb dummy
  • my dad is a dead beat
  • emily stapzka. i’m sorry
  • a whole series of very public apoligies
  • good time. bad times. haunt me. looking back.
  • timone was a good dog
  • godzilla was too
  • my friends are my family. they’ve saved my life many times over.
  • trial reunion show trip (yes, i’m still planning on finishing this)
  • sxsw goodies
  • the problems i have, catholic guilt and penance
  • new theme
  • kern hoodie
  • comiccon recap
  • tufte, new project, listyourlist and dashboards
  • bulletproofing
  • upcoming project redesign
  • batting cage

looks like i’ve got my work cut out for me. so i’m off…

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