Obsession Times Voice

Human creativity does not live in a vacuum. Of shoulders and giants, right? This is the short story of one thing leading to another.

I’ve been really inspired and motivated lately (largely) because of Matt Jones’s make believe poster design that read Get Excited and Make Things in response to an old WWII poster that said “Keep Calm And Carry On.” I’ve been very productive and moving forward on a new project.

Shortly after that, John Gruber of Daring Fireball and Merlin Mann of 43 Folders did a “panel” at SXSW called “149 Surprising Ways to Turbocharge Your Blog With Credibility!“. Basically it was about how to not be a douche bag, do something great and incidentally make a little money doing it. Or there abouts.

There were several little nuggets of ‘wisdom’ that really resonated with me. But one had a great impact on me than the rest: Obsession Times Voice. Gruber seems to agree. You can listen to the full audio of the session from 43 Folders. (While you’re listening follow along with Dave Gray’s’ speaker notes in comic form.)

Obsession Times Voice. That’s been ringing in my head for a few days. I decided to make it my desktop background for constant reminder, especially as I work on my new vegan straightedge site.

They are available for free download either as a PNG or a PDF. There are two variations: dark on light and light on dark. Both colors used are Daring Fireball grays1 (hat tip). I made them very large to work with big screens. You can either crop them or just set them to center up on your desktop. I don’t suggest scaling it down.

The URLs are:

Dark on Light on Flickr and original size PNG. Or as a PDF, if that’s your thing.

Light on Dark on Flickr and original size PNG. Or as a PDF, if that’s your thing.

"Obsession Times Voice" Desktop Background - Light on Dark"Obsession Times Voice" Desktop Background - Dark on Light

  • Dark Grey RGB (74 82 90)
  • Dark Grey HEX (#4a525a)
  • Light Grey RGB (238 238 238)
  • Light Grey HEX (#eeeeee)

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Originally published at: http://sbb.me/b3yq2

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