What happened at REI. An Update.

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Here are a few quick updates on things that have happened related to that blog post that I wrote about what happened at REI.

About The Spectacle of This Incident

About The Actual Incident

  • I was not arrested for trespassing. That much is clear. I was not told to leave. I was told in no uncertain terms that I could not leave. The cops had me sign a card as I was being released that acknowledged that (someone at) REI requested that I be trespassed. That means if I go back to REI within a year I can be arrested for trespassing. Although…
  • The downtown Seattle REI general manager, Kara Stone, was quoted on Slog saying that I am “welcome to come into our store” and that REI did not request I be trespassed. According to the Slog story, the Seattle Police records show otherwise. I’m guessing that the REI security people told the cops to do it and that the general manager was unawares of it. Either way, I’m not racing back there anytime soon.
  • It’s not clear (to me and others) if I was ‘arrested’ or just ‘detained’ or if the difference is just semantics. I never said in my post that I was arrested. I said that I was cuffed, taken out of the store by the cops, put in a police car and put into a holding cell for some time. Whether that was “arrested” or not, I’m not sure.
  • When I was released from the police station, it didn’t seem like any charges were being pressed against me. But when I tried to get the police report, I was reminded that charges can be pressed after the fact. So as of now, nothing more has happened with the police. We’ll see if that changes.
  • I was read my Miranda Rights when I was in the holding cell.
  • I was in cuffs the whole time I was in the cell.
  • We never completed the transaction for the thing I was trying to special order. So there’s not going to be any awkward “can you bring it out to the sidewalk” moment.
  • If there are more questions that you have or clarifications that you want, email me (veganstraightedge@gmail.com).

About What’s Happening Now/Next

  • I went downtown to request a copy of the police report. Because I’m listed as a suspect on the report, I can’t get it for a week while it’s in a process called ‘Public Disclosure’. This is in case there is any possible pending investigation. People listed as victims can get the report right away (as I understand it).
  • Someone (who wasn’t me) filed a complaint to the Seattle Police Department Office of Professional Accountability on my behalf. The OPA emailed me telling me, they’d contact me more later about it.
  • I contacted the The ACLU Washington State. They had already heard about what happened. We’re talking more.

The comments on every site where this story appeared spiraled out of control and off topic pretty quickly. My site is the only one where I have any control. So I’m trying something different than before. Comments are turned off. If you want to tell me something or ask a question, you can email me (veganstraightedge@gmail.com).

Update 1: I was interviewed on NPR member station KUOW in Seattle, WA today (May 13th). The full show can be heard at http://www.kuow.org/program.php?id=17542. This is the few minutes that was about me and what happened at REI (mp3).

Update 2: Here’s the audio from the Dori Monson show today (May 13th) where we talked about the ATM/REI/Loomis incident (mp3). It’s just the actual show parts, no news or commercials. It was edited down by Matt Misbach. (Thanks, Matt). I’m pretty happy with how the show turned out.

Update 3: Mark Sangerman took this picture of me as I was being arrested by Officer Abed.

This is me getting arrested at REI for taking a photo and refusing to show my ID

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