REI ATM / Loomis / Seattle Police Incident: The Cliff Notes

For new-comers to the story, here’s a brief recap

  1. On Friday May 8th, I took this picture at the downtown Seattle REI store.

    Two Loomis Employees Refilling an ATM at the Downtown Seattle REI

  2. I was arrested by the Seattle Police at REI. This picture was taken of me by Mark Sangerman, another customer at REI

    This is me getting arrested by Officer Abed at REI for taking a photo and refusing to show my ID

  3. After I was released and got home later that night, I wrote about my experience.

  4. The next few days was a lot of media coverage on various websites, print media, talk and news radio and on television news.

    I was interviewed on NPR member station KUOW in Seattle, WA today (May 13th). The full show can be heard at This is the few minutes that was about me and what happened at REI (mp3).

    Here’s the audio from the Dori Monson show today (May 13th) where we talked about the ATM/REI/Loomis incident (mp3). It’s just the actual show parts, no news or commercials. It was edited down by Matt Misbach. (Thanks, Matt). I’m pretty happy with how the show turned out.

  5. After a few days, I wrote an update about the new things that happened.

  6. What’s next is not especially clear, but this is not over.

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