I Have A Team. Hire Us.

I’ve put together a cross-functional product team of technical people. We’re available for hire as a package deal.

The team includes:

  • Team Lead / Product Manager (Me)
  • Brand and UI Designer (Photoshop / Illustrator)
  • Front End Developer (HTML / CSS)
  • iOS / Ruby Programmer
  • JavaScript / Ruby Programmer

I can’t name names as some of the team still have jobs, but if you know me you probably know some or all of them. You know me and my work. They’re all top notch at what they do.

You can hire us in to build a product that you already have planned or just set us loose. (We have a whole list of product ideas that we’d like to build.) We’re looking for full-time not contract work.

Email or call me.

Originally published at: http://sbb.me/b4Jr1