36 days. 0 hours. 30 minutes. 33 seconds.

That’s how long it took from crazy idea blog post to offer letters.

I was inspired by Ryan Davis’ blog post a few years ago that (secretly) announced that he, Eric Hodel, Aaron Patterson and John Barnette were available for hire. They didn’t last long. 8:05:24:52 long.

Simply put, I said:

I’ve put together a cross-functional product team of technical people. We’re available for hire as a package deal.

The team includes:

  • Team Lead / Product Manager (Me)
  • Brand and UI Designer (Photoshop / Illustrator)
  • Front End Developer (HTML / CSS)
  • iOS / Ruby Programmer
  • JavaScript / Ruby Programmer

I didn’t name names. And that was a turn off for some potential enquirers. But I couldn’t yet. Two of them still had jobs.

I didn’t name names then, but I can now.

Software Engineering Manager
Heather Peterson
UI/UX Designer
Chad Crissman
Front End Software Engineer
Jessica Suttles
Software Engineer
Bookis Smuin
Software Engineer

I’ve worked with all four people in the past few years. They’re all top notch.
I couldn’t be happier to call them my team. This will be the first time that I’m
going to leading people, instead of pushing pixels, angle brackets or codes.
I’m excited for the next new challenge.

We started from a ridiculous premise: let’s pick our coworkers first.
And from there: let’s pick the role we’ll fill as a team.
I shopped us around as a package deal with the goal building a new product from
scratch as a team of us five.

A little over a month after that blog post, we were signed on to start in September at
G5 to do just that.

To the next adventure…

Originally published at: http://sbb.me/b4KW1