90s Photos of Bands

Birthright at the Emerson Theater in Indianapolis, IN at Indy Fest in July 1997

I used to go to shows a lot. Not so much anymore. When I did, I usually took my camera and took photos. When I started it was with my mom’s crappy point and click 110. Later I got my own 35mm. I asked for a fully manual camera, but got a fully auto one. I went through a black and white phase while I was in art school, mainly because it was cheaper and I could develop it myself. But also because I thought it was cool.

Today I ran into a dude from an old band that I shot once. Like most bands, I never was able to give a copy of the photos to the band. It made me realize that while most all of the photos I took back then are on Flickr, people who would care to see them mostly don’t know they exist. So, here’s a blast shot into the abyss, that maybe someone will hear.

I shot almost everything that I went to. As it turns out, it was all on film (110, 35mm, Polaroid). By the time I got a digital camera, I had stopped shooting photos and had moved on to digital video (another post for another day.)

In writing this post, I realized that there are still a handful of bands that aren’t scanned/uploaded yet. I’ll get that remedied some day. I started when I was 15. My first show was Shelter and Enkindel (which was supposed to be Earth Crisis, but they crashed their van). Here’s a very small sampling of bands that I photographed.

Hardcore bands
By The Grace Of God
Boy Sets Fire
Punk rock
No Use for a Name
Good Riddance
Ska bands
Assorted Jellybeans
Citzen Fish
Big bands before they got that big
Limp Bizkit
Sugar Ray
(and for some reason a mountain of ICP photos)
Big bands that were hopelessly far away
Rage Against the Machine
Little hometown hero bands
Neena Foundry
Eiffel Tower High
Cheese Weed
And weird bands
Blaster the Rocket Boy
Boris the Sprinkler

And many many more…


Eiffel Tower High

Good Riddance at The 513 in Atlanta, GA circa 1999

MU330 at The Emerson Theatre in Indinapolis, IN

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