FOR SALE: Ricoh GR Digital Camera and Canon Vixia HF20 Video Camera

Update: Sold.

I’m getting rid of both of my “prosumer” cameras: Ricoh GR Digital Camera and Canon Vixia HF20 Video Camera. Both are less than a year old and still under manufacturer warranty. Both are in excellent condition with no defects. Both work like new. I really love both of them, but I never use them any more. I find I only use my iPhone 3GS (I know, I know… but whatever).

I’m asking $700 for the Canon Vixia HF20, wide angle lens, USB 2 cable, remote control and tripod. And $300 for the Ricoh GR Digital and 4x 2GB SD memory cards. Both come with their original power cables / battery chargers and their instruction manuals.

Also, times are tough and some extra monies right now would really help.

If you’re interested in either, get in touch with me.
or (801) 898-9481

More picture of both cameras and the accessories are available on Flickr.

GR Digital Camera

Ricoh GR Digital Camera

Canon Vixia HF20 Video Camera

Canon Vixia HF20

55mm UV Filter & Professional Digital High Definition 0.45X Wide Angle Lens

Wide Lens with UV Filter for Canon Vixia HF20

Canon Vixia HF20 Video Camera Power Cable Tripod 4x 2GB SD Memory Cards Ricoh GR Digital Instruction Manual Ricoh GR Digital Camera, Instruction Manual, 4x 2GB SD Memory Cards, Battery Charger and Power Cable Ricoh GR Digital Camera Battery, Charger and Power Cable Ricoh GR Digital Camera Canon Vixia HF20 Video Camera USB Cable Canon Vixia HF20 Video Camera USB Cable Remote Control

GR DIGITAL Main Specifications

Item Description
Imaging device 1/1.8 primary color CCD with 8,130,000 effective pixels (total pixels: 8,300,000)
Focal distance
f=5.9 mm (28 mm converted to 35mm format camera)
Brightness (F)
F 2.4 to F 11*1
Lens composition
6 elements; 5 groups: 7 diaphragm blades
Digital zoom 4.0x
Shooting range About 0.3 m to infinity from lens tip
Macro shooting range About 0.015 m to infinity from lens tip
180, 120, 60, 30, 15, 8, 4, 2, 1 – 1/2,000 second
1/30 -1/2,000 second
3,264 x 2,448; 3,264 x 2,176; 2,592 x 1,944; 2,048 x 1,536; 1,280 x 960; 640 x 480
3,264 x 2,448; 2,048 x 1,536
320 x 240; 160 x 120
Picture-quality modes*2 F (Fine)/N (Normal)/RAW*3
ISO sensitivity*4 AUTO; 64; 100; 200; 400; 800; 1,600
Flash Auto/ redeye suppression/ force flash/ slow synchro/ flash off Throw distance*5 approx. 0.2 to 3 m
Focus Autofocus/ manual focus/ snap/ infinity (AF supplemental light also available)
Exposure adjustment TTL-CCD photometric system: multi (256 div.)/ center focus photometry/ spot photometry
Exposure compensation Manual correction (+2.0 to -2.0 EV 1/3 EV steps); auto bracket feature (-0.5 EV; ±0; +0.5 EV)
White balance Auto; fixed (Daylight/ Overcast/ Tungsten Light/ fluorescent light/ manual/ advanced); white balance bracket feature
Recording media SD memory card (3.3V 32/ 64/ 128/ 256/ 512MB/ 1GB); multimedia card; built-in memory (26 MB)
Storage capacity*6 (built-in 26 MB storage)
3,264 x 2,448: RAW: 1/F: 8/ N: 14; 3,264 x 2,176: RAW: 1/F: 9; 2,592 x 1,944: N: 22; 2,048 x 1,536: N: 36; 1,280 x 960: N: 63; 640 x 480: N: 277
Storage time (built-in 26 MB storage)
320 x 240: 39 sec (30 frames/sec); 160 x 120: 2 min 26 sec (30 frames/sec)*7
56 min 45 sec*8
Storage data capacity
3,264 x 2,448: RAW: about 11.52 MB/screen; F: about 2.83 MB/screen; N: 1.63 MB/screen 3,264 x 2,176: RAW: about 10.25 MB/screen; F: about 2.57 MB/screen; 2,592 x 1,944: N: about 1.03 MB/screen; 2,048 x 1,536: N: about 672 KB/screen;1,280 x 960; N: about 356 KB/screen; 640 x 480: N: about 83KB/screen
Recording modes Photo (Still, Continuous, S-Continuous, M-Continuous), Program shift / Aperture-Priority / Manual exposure, Scene (Text, Sound), Motion
Recording formats
compression: JPEG*9 (Exif ver. 2.21); RAW(DNG)*10
TIFF (MMR format/ITU-T.6)
AVI (Open DML Motion JPEG format compliant)
WAV (Exif ver. 2.21 μ law)
LCD monitor 2.5 inch low-noise polysilicon TFT LCD; about 210,000 pixels
Self timer Operating time: about 10 sec/ 2 sec
Interval timer Shooting interval: 5 sec. to 3 hours (units of 5 sec.)*11
PC interface USB 2.0; Ricoh original mass storage selectable*12
AUDIO/ VIDEO interface Audio OUT/ Video OUT
Video signal format Switch between NTSC & PAL
Dimensions 107.0 x 25.0 x 58.0 mm (WxDxH); does not include protruding parts
Weight About 170 g (not including battery/ SD memory card/ strap); supplied parts: 30g (battery/ strap)
Power 1 Rechargeable battery (DB-60); AC adapter (AC-4c option); 2 AAA alkaline dry-cell batteries; 2 AAA Oxyride dry-cell batteries; 2 AAA nickel-hydrogen dry-cell batteries
Shooting capacity *13 CIPA-standard compliant
DB-60 used: about 250; When AAA alkaline dry-cell battery used: about 30*14
Temperature range for use 0°C to 40°C
  1. * – If mode dial is set to , ND filter is used in F7.1-F11 range.
  2. * – Image-quality modes that can be set depend on the image size.
  3. * – Simultaneous storage with Fine mode (JPEG).
  4. * – ISO 1600 cannot be chosen when shooting in the RAW mode.
  5. * – Throw distance when ISO AUTO set.
  6. * – General estimate of number of still images stored.
  7. * – A 1GB SD card can record for a maximum of 88 minutes 31 seconds.
  8. * – A 1GB SD card can record for a maximum of 2,063 minutes 25 seconds.
  9. * – DCF compliant; DPOF supported. DCF is an abbreviation for Design rule for Camera File system standardized by JEITA. (full compatibility between devices not guaranteed).
  10. * – DNG is a particular RAW format advocated by Adobe systems incorporated.
  11. * – With Flash off.
  12. * – Mass storage supports Windows Me/2000/XP and Mac OS 9/X 10.2-10.4. Windows 98/98SE and Mac OS 8.6 not supported.
  13. * – The numbers of photos that can be taken were measured using conditions compliant with the CIPA standard. They are only given as a rough guide.
  14. * – The actual number of photos that can be taken will differ greatly depending on conditions of use and battery manufacturer.

Canon Vixia HF20 Video Camera Specifications

Standard Definition or High Definition High Definition
Television System NTSC
Video Recording system MPEG4-AVC / H.264
Image Sensor 1/4-inch CMOS, RGB Primary Color Filter
Total Pixels Approx. 3.89 Megapixels
Effective Pixels Video: Approx. 2.99 Megapixels
(2304 x 1296) / Still Image: 16:9: Approx. 2.99 Megapixels
(2304 x 1296), 4:3 Approx. 3.31 Megapixels (2100 x 1575)
Maximum recording time 32GB internal Flash drive
LP (5 Mbps) 12 hours 15 minutes
SP (7 Mbps) 9 hours 35 minutes
XP+ (12 Mbps) 5 hours 45 minutes
FXP (17 Mbps) 4 hours 10 minutes – Allows 1920 x 1080 Full HD Recording
MXP (24 Mbps) 2 hours 55 minutes – Allows 1920 x 1080 Full HD Recording
Lens Zoom Ratio 15x Optical / 300x Digital
Focal Length f=4.1- 61.5mm (35mm equivalent: 39.5 – 592.5mm)
Zoom Speed Variable / 3 Fixed Zoom Speeds
Max. F/Stop f/1.8-3.2
Focusing System Instant AF, Face Priority AF, TTL (through the lens)
Manual Exposure Yes
Programmed AE AUTO, P, Av, Tv, Portrait, Sports, Night, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Spotlight, Fireworks
Max Shutter Speed Movie: 1/2000, Still image: 1/500
Minimum Focusing Distance 10mm (wide) / 1m (tele)
White Balance Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Fluorescent H, Manual
Frame Rate 60i, 24p Progressive (records at 60i), 30p Progressive (records at 60i)
Minimum Illumination 0.4 lx (Night mode)
Image Stabilization SuperRange Optical (lens shift)
Filter Diameter 37mm
Viewfinder None
LCD Screen 2.7-inch Multi-Angle Vivid widescreen color LCD (Approx. 211,000 dots)
Flash Built-in
Recording Media Internal Flash drive (32GB) or SDHC Memory Card
USB Terminal USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
Video Terminal component (output), composite (output)
Audio Dolby Digital 2 channels (AC-3 2 ch)
Accessory Shoe Mini Advanced
Supplied Video Editing Software Pixela ImageMixer 3SE
HDMI Terminal HDMI Mini Connector (output), CEC and x.v. Color
Microphone Terminal 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack
AV Mini Terminal/Headphone Terminal 3.5 mm 4 pole mini-jack (video/audio output only)
Dimensions (W X H X D) 2.8 x 2.4 x 4.9 in. (70 x 62 x 124mm)
Weight (not including lens and battery pack) 12.0 oz. (340g)
Weight (fully loaded) 14.1 oz. (400g)

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ASCII Art Star Wars: A New Hope

This has been in my "blog about this" pile for years now.

Screenshot of My Desktop Circa Late 2005

I’m embarrassed by how much stuff I have on my desktop then. I now keep it under 5 things most of the time.

The three Star Wars icons were hard drives.

You can watch the whole Star Wars: A New Hope as ASCII art two ways:

telnet:// or

Simply amazing.

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Ted Williams’ Last Game

A beautifully written recount of Ted Williams’ (and to some degree his career) last game. Stories like this make me well up with tears every time. I’m such a sucker for a great sports story, especially a great baseball story.

John Updike writes in ‘Our Far-Flung Correspondents: Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu’:

Williams was third in the batting order, so he came up in the bottom of the first inning, and Steve Barber, a young pitcher who was not yet born when Williams began playing for the Red Sox, offered him four pitches, at all of which he disdained to swing, since none of them were within the strike zone. This demonstrated simultaneously that Williams’ eyes were razor-sharp and that Barber’s control wasn’t.

John Updike goes on to say:

Understand that we were a crowd of rational people. We knew that a home run cannot be produced at will; the right pitch must be perfectly met and luck must ride with the ball. Three innings before, we had seen a brave effort fail. The air was soggy; the season was exhausted. Nevertheless, there will always lurk, around a corner in a pocket of our knowledge of the odds, an indefensible hope, and this was one of the times, which you now and then find in sports, when a density of expectation hangs in the air and plucks an event out of the future.

Ted Williams’ last at bat.

Ted Williams, Boston’s Achilles.

Ted Williams’ swing.

I forget where I was linked to this from. Sorry.

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