The Setup

The Setup is a bunch of nerdy interviews about What do people use to get the job done?. They’re all fairly high profile nerd folks. I’ve read this blog since the beginning and love it. There’s next to no chance that @waferbaby would interview me, because honestly, who am I? So, I’m doing my own Setup interview.

The Setup

Some of my favorites are Michael Lopp, Richard Stallman, Amy Hoy, Khoi Vinh, Violet Blue, _why The Lucky Stiff and John Gruber. But really, they’re all great. You should subscribe.

Here goes.

Me (doing something... who know?) at Runyon Canyon Park in Los Angeles, CA

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Shane Becker. I make websites. I first saw the web in Mosaic on an SGI running some flavor of Unix when I was a freshman in high school late one night at the Eli Lilly headquarters in Indianapolis, IN. There was no looking back.

I currently work for The Man at a Fortune 10 company. It has its perks. I have lotsa (too many, really) side personal projects and I’m currently trying to cut down the list. I made Zine Distro (with help from Eli Duke, Bookis, Emily and Brooke), ListYourList (with Eli), The Resistance Army (with Bookis), the current (as of 09/12/2010) Rubinius site, the Seattle.rb site and co-founded LA.rb (with Evan Phoenix).

And one time I got a bit of attention for taking a photo of an ATM.

What hardware are you using?

I have a 13″ Unibody MacBook Pro, probably the best laptop ever made. I expect I’ll swap out the spinny hard drive with the non-spinny kind and bump the RAM to 8gb. I type on the Apple Wireless Keyboard (which just eats through AA batteries) and scroll with the Magic Mouse. My desktop background says Debt is slavery. Get free. to keep me focused on my student loans (currently only $13,000 left).

The iPad is thing a beauty. My iPads name is Jet Pack. I read a lot more than I ever did before. Books, feeds, twitter and comics. Lotsa comics. (In the picture, I was reading The Eternals by Neil Gaiman) I use the keyboard dock with it for longer globs of text. My home screen is the last image from Fighting in a New Terrain: What’s Changed Since the 20th Century.

I have an iPhone 3GS as my pocket computer that makes phone calls. Its name is 2001. It’s also my only camera. I used to have a Ricoh GRD which took the best pictures I’ve seen, but decided on the camera that was with me over the better camera.

Sound plays out of Harman Kardon Sound Sticks and iSub. Pages and old negatives are scanned with a Canoscan LiDE 700f.

My desk is pink and too low. It also is an inbox for physical tasks (currently: get drivers license renewed, develop super 8 film). My chair is black, grey and adequate. My dry erase board is ceramic, within arm’s reach and still leaves hints of erased notes.

And what software?


TextMate, lots and lots of TextMate. Sure do wish version 2 would ship. PeepOpen. Safari. (backed by gmail). Adium. VLC. Tweetie, but I wish it’d get updated to work with natives retweets, geo stuff and annotations. Terminal. Acorn. Name Mangler. Xtorrent. Adobe Illustrator. iTunes. Things. QuickSilver Quick Search Box. Dropbox. Skitch. Cinch. Fuzzy Clock. QuickCursor. iCal. Ruby. Ruby on Rails. git.


GMail. Ta-da List. Wikipedia. Google. Github. Google Reader. Twitter. Heroku.


Maps. Messages. Camera. Phone. Mail. Safari. iPod. Things. Tweetie Twitter for iPhone. Foursquare. Gowalla. Both via Nezumi. Elements. Reeder.


Comixology. Marvel Comics. I wish there was a standard e-comic format and purchases could be read in any app. CloudReaders. Reeder. Kindle. Wikipanion. Instapaper. Twitter for iPad. Things. Elements. Draft.

What would be your dream setup?

Somewhere between Ewok Village and
the Sherwood Forest from Prince of Thieves
. Sincerely.

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Tender Lovemaking Internship

Aaron Patterson is a super rad dude.

He loves mushroom hunting. His pointy stick of choice is vim. He speaks Japanese. He hangs out with Eric Hodel, Ryan Davis and John Barnette at Seattle.rb all the time. He eats weird food. He lives in sunny Seattle, Washington in these United States of America.

He writes awesomely awesome Ruby software, like Nokogiri, Mechanize and Johnson. He’s a core contributor to Ruby, Rails and the SQLite gem. And he’s made some software that’s, uh… more differently awesome? He even has a double mustache which might be turning into a triple mustache.

Aaron does lots of good for the Ruby community. One time at RubyConf he got everyone of the attendees a Poken. How cool is that? Recently, Chad and Kelly Jeanne Fowler gave him the gift of a box of Twinkies, just for being so great. Really, who doesn’t love Aaron Patterson? If you don’t know the guy, you should make an effort to meet him. He’s aces.

But Aaron has a problem. There’s only one of him. He has lots of ideas for useful, totally bodacious libraries that he’d like to write, but doesn’t have time to do them all. He needs an intern. Finding an intern takes time and effort though. So, I’m helping him by sussing out a great intern.

Intern Requirements

You want to do this. Trust me. It’ll be the best thing for your career, clothing style and love life. You’d get mentorship from Aaron, design and code reviews, and many, many Knowledge Bombs™. You don’t have to be in Seattle, but it’d be an extra bonus. Remote totally works, too. You need to be a Ruby programmer. You need to not be a total newb. You must having a willingness to learn, take direction and be receptive to feedback. It wouldn’t hurt if you think funny hats are funny.

If you’re interested and you’ve got what it takes to be @tenderlove’s trusty sidekick, email me ( or toot at me (@veganstraightedge). Include your blog, Twitter and GitHub URLs.

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