T-Shirt Sale to Help Friends in Chile Affected by 8.8 Earthquake

I have some friends in Chile. Recently, there was a massive 8.8 earthquake. Money was pretty scarce for most of them even before the quake. Now times are even tougher, so I want to help them out. So we’re clearing house, selling all of our shirts on the cheap and sending the profits down to Chile. If you’ve ever considered buying a shirt from us before and haven’t, now’s the time to act. Buy a shirt and help some folks out who’ve been dealt a rough hand.

Domestic shipping is $3 for up to three shirts, $10 for up to three shirts internationally.
Shipping is FREE when you buy four or more shirts.
Buy the shirts from us at: The Resistance Army





Photos from emol.cl

More Photos by Ignacio Galvez











Photos by Ignacio Galvez

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Upcoming Online/Print Ads For The Resistance Army

We’re gonna try out some online/print advertising for The Resistance Army Shirts.

This is an ad that we’re running in Seattle based Dirt Magazine (Young Local Art and Music). It is quarter page.

Dirt Magazine ad of James in "Beneath The Paving Stones... The Forest" shirt

This shirt ("Beneath The Paving Stones… The Forest") is available for $15 (USD) from The Resistance Army.

This is an ad that we’re running online in a few places (Global Guerrillas to begin with).

Odd sized online ad of Bob in "The Revolution Is Just A T-Shirt Away" shirt

This shirt ("The Revolution Is Just A T-Shirt Away") is available for $15 (USD) from The Resistance Army.

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I’m Going To Chile

From Feb 6 to Mar 5, I’ll be in Chile. If you live there and want to hang out, email me. Also, if I can crash on your couch for part of the month, that’d be great.

While I’m there I’ll selling The Resistance Army Shirts. If you’d like one, let me so I can bring it for you.

My email address is: veganstraightedge@gmail.com.

Day 15

I’m on the left. Bookis is on the right.

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